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WEBINAR: Job Searching in Denmark: An International’s Story

WEBINAR: Job Searching in Denmark: An International’s Story

In recent decades, the academic labor market in Denmark has seen an increasing number of people with foreign backgrounds. However, many people struggle to get a footing and land a job that matches their skill level.

At the event career consultant, Kate Dahl, will use her own experience being an American in Denmark as a starting point for giving you general advice on how to go about the Danish labor market. Through the story of her successes and failures, she will focus on the importance of having intercultural and interpersonal communication skills training and present internationals with strategies to communicate their value to Danish companies. Kate will also talk about how better to protect international’s rights in the Danish labor market while giving job-seeking advice while sharing her personal story.

This event addresses foreign academics’ difficulties finding employment in Denmark. Kate Dahl, a career consultant for internationals in Denmark will take you through her own history and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. The talk touches on themes such as how to best brand yourself as an international, how to communicate to Danish companies your value and how to protect yourself in the Danish labor market.

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