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Graduating soon?

Admission to MA

MA accepts graduates in humanities, natural science, social science, computer science and health & medical scien-ces. People with other educational backgrounds who work within these fields are also eligible to join.

Graduate admission

You can become a graduate member if you have finished an education lasting at least 3 full-time semesters and which has entitled you to a student grant (S.U.). To qualify for membership of MA as a graduate, you must have been a resident in Denmark immediately before you started your education and no later than 14 days after completion.

To apply as a graduate, you need to submit your application no later than 14 days after you have graduated – go to our website, ma-kasse.dk. You are also welcome to apply for membership 2-3 months before you graduate to ensure membership from your date of graduation. Once you have been accepted into MA as a graduate, you are entitled to unemployment benefits one month after graduation.

Joining once employed

If you do not apply as a graduate, you can still join MA as a wage earner, regardless of whether or not you have a Masters degree. However, you must be resident and work in Denmark. Furthermore, if you have joined as a wage earner and want to collect unemployment benefits, you must first have been a member of MA or another unemployment insurance fund for at least one full year and have had a job corresponding to at least one year’s full time work (1,924 paid hours over the past three years) while you were a member of the unemployment insurance fund(s).

Admission for the self-employed

If your main occupation is your own business, you can still join MA as self-employed. You can become a member as soon as you have started your business. As a member of MA, you are only guaranteed unemployment benefits once you have closed your business completely. Furthermore, you must fulfill the employment requirements and be a member of an unemployment insurance fund (MA).

You have your rights as a member at MA

As a member of MA you are entitled to unemployment benefits if you are unemployed. The alternative to unemployment benefits is cash benefits (kontant-hjælp), which is usually much less than unemployment benefits and also dependent on a total assessment of your financial and personal circumstances.

At MA we know your employment options

MA accepts membership applications from people with any type of educational background. However, we have traditionally specialized in servicing people that are highly educated. We have an in depth understanding of the labor market and in particular where to find work if you are highly educated, regardless of whether you have a background in the humanities, natural science, social science or computer science.

Good advice is always at hand at MA

At MA, we prioritize job seeking activities highly. We are one of the unemployment insurance funds in Denmark

that spends most time and resources on helping our unemployed members find a meaningful job. Our services here are outstanding, yet our membership fee remains competitive.

All of the above are gross amounts in Danish kroner. Unemployment benefits are taxable but the membership fee is tax deductible on your tax return. Please note that it is voluntary to contribute to the early retirement pension fund.

With MA you get financial help …

As a graduate member you are entitled to receive unemployment insurance at a special graduate rate one month after the completion of your education.

… and help to find the right job

It takes some time for most new graduates to get a foothold in the labor market. Often they start with part-time jobs, freelance work or project contracts. MA can help you be better prepared to find the most suitable job. We hold information meetings, job seeking courses and specialized theme events. At the information meetings you are given an introduction to job seeking and guidance to which of the rules and options in the unemployment benefit system that you should be especially aware of. Job seeking workshops explore job research and networks and provide good advice on how to write job applications. You can role play job interviews or join a network of unemployed with a background similar to yours. At MA’s specialized theme events you can find out more about the labor market of the future, hear about other graduates’ job experiences and learn about what employers are looking for in the recruitment process.

Feedback on your application and CV

If you have written your CV but are still unsure about whether you have presented your skills convincingly, MA can help. We offer individual and personal feedback on your application and CV both in Copenhagen and in our regional offices in Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.

You can use MA, regardless of where in Denmark you live

If you have questions or are unsure about something, you are always welcome to call or visit us, both at our head office in Copenhagen and at our regional offices in Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg. At all of our offices you will find a range of facilities for members. These include PCs with internet access, printers, photocopiers, reference works and meeting rooms for member networks.

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